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Promoting Efficient Water Use

Our Water Efficiency Methods are working!

We are now using 20% less water than we were in 2009 and 23% less per EFTP (equivalent full time person).

WaterAustralia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. With variable weather patterns and increasing evaporation due to climate change, the value of potable (drinking) water is increasing.

MQ Property takes its responsibility to reduce water use on campus seriously and there are a number of projects focused on reducing our water consumption and minimising water wastage, including:

Every Drop Counts (EDC Program)

EDC programMacquarie University is part of the EDC Business Program run by Sydney Water. We are working closely with Sydney Water to reduce our water use across campus. Macquarie University now has a 4 star rating for water management (out of possible 5) with the EDC program. This was awarded in October 2009, making Macquarie the first educational institution of its size to achieve this rating. This rating means that our procedures and processes for implementing water improvements are Australian Best Practice. Watch this space during 2010 as we aim for a 5 star rating of "International Best Practice".

Water saving devices have been installed across campus

Through our partnership with Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts Program, the Office of Facilities Management has installed water saving devices including aerators, airlock and cistern weights in bathrooms and kitchens across campus. These devices can save up to 30% of water use where they are installed.

Please be aware that these cistern weights in toilets will require you to fully depress the flush until the water stops flowing.

Water monitoring meters installed

Macquarie University has installed water meters to be able to monitor water use on-line. On-line water use monitoring covers approximately 80% of all campus use. Through this on-line monitoring, we can monitor water use, pinpoint wastage and identify leaks.


accountabilityThe University undertook a full water audit of the campus in 2007. We will be undertaking another audit due to be completed in 2010. Macquarie University reports back to the State Government annually on our water savings initiatives against our Water Savings Action Plan (WSAP).

















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