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Responsible Waste Disposal

A big challenge Property faces is the responsible disposal of the large amount of waste generated by Macquarie University.

As with all responsible waste management, the principles used by Property follow the hierarchy:

  Responsible Disposal
Your use Whatever you can! What cannot be re-used Of those things that cannot be re-used or recycled

We can't help you reduce your use - that is up to you - so here at Property we are working to assist staff and students to re-use and recycle, as well as ensuring that all waste is disposed of responsibly.


Our furniture and electronic re-use and recycling system is up and running. This system allows us to re-use office furniture wherever possible across the campus. Need anything for your office? Check out the online catalogue.

The University held its first swap party in 2009 for staff and students and we will definitely be holding more this year - watch this space!
What’s a swap party? It’s an event where you can bring in items that are still useable that you no longer need or want and swap them for something that someone else brought in.


New waste contract @ Macquarie University

WSN Waste ContractSita Australia has been selected to assist us in our waste management solution. This new system is single bin rather than dual bin. All of the waste from these bins goes to an alternative waste technology (AWT) facility that separates the waste. This system diverts at least 80% of waste from landfill. The remaining 20% of waste can be used for the production of energy from bio-mass (where plant materials and animal waste is used as fuel).

For more information go to:


e-Waste disposalMacquarie Property is now responsible for the disposal of e-Waste. Macquarie University recycled over 21.5 tonnes of electronic waste in 2012. We are committed to sustainability in the workplace with regard to the disposal of electronic equipment.
» More details on e-Waste disposal

Recycling Fluorescent Globes at Macquarie

Due to the very small amounts of mercury present in fluorescent globes, it is illegal in many countries to add these globes to the general waste stream.

Fluorescent globes that are changed at Macquarie University are recycled by Chem Collect who safely recover not only the mercury, but also the glass, phosphor and aluminium contained in the lamps. Recovered mercury is commonly sold to the dental industry, where it is used in amalgam for fillings.

Metal Recycling at Macquarie University

Metal items, including metal furniture, are recycled by Sims Recycling Solutions who also recycle Macquarie Universityís e-waste and furniture waste.

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Macquarie Property provides paper and cardboard recycling facilities in all buildings on campus. Cardboard can be recycled by:

  • placing it in a blue recycling bin
  • placing it in one of the cardboard recycling cages located around campus

Individual paper recycling boxes are provided to all staff. If you donít have one, contact Building Services on 7187, or just grab a suitably sized box. Paper recycling boxes should also be located at each photocopier, fax, scanner and shredder. If you have a one-off, bulk amount of paper or cardboard for recycling (eg, new equipment packaging), then you can arrange collection by completing a service request form.

Paper recycling is collected late Thursday afternoon / evening. Please make sure your blue paper-recycling bin is taken out on Thursday afternoon and brought in early Friday morning to avoid contamination by general waste from passersby.

Responsible Disposal of Waste

For those things that cannot be reduced, reused or recycled, we ensure that they are disposed of responsibly. We make use of facilities such as the MacArthur Resource Recovery Park, which operates to the highest standards ensuring that none of the runoff from the site enters the surrounding soil or water table.

Our new waste program has been sponsored by the Packaging Stewardship Forum – helping you recycle in your home away from home!


Mobile Phone & Battery Disposal

We are currently working on a process to allow for safe disposal of:

  • batteries
  • mobile phones




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