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e-Waste Disposal

e-Waste disposal

Macquarie University recycled 25 tonnes of electronic waste in 2008 and over 40 tonnes in 2010. We are committed to sustainability in the workplace with regard to the disposal of electronic equipment.

e-Waste can now be disposed of regularly using the University's service request system. The items will be collected by security and taken to our storage facility, and then picked up by Sims Recycling Solutions when we have collected enought to fill a truck.

To book an e-Waste collection, call the Services Desk on extension 7145 (or fill in an Online Services Request form) and make a request for pick up that includes:

  • the location of the items
  • the type and volume of the items
  • your contact details

Does the item contain a hard drive or have memory capacity?

If your item has a hard drive (eg, computer processor) or memory capacity (eg, some photocopiers), then you need to complete a DATA DELETION FORM. Security will NOT remove e-waste items without this document which must be signed by persons with appropriate authority, ie, department/office head, ITS staff member or local IT Manager.

You will be advised of the scheduled pickup time window so please make sure you are contactable. If your e-Waste is in a locked room, you will need to make sure someone is there to unlock the door or make sure security has access.  

Faculties and Offices are responsible for:

  • asset deletion documentation (as per the University Asset Policy)
  • data sanitisation or hard disk destruction [IT Services can supply a copy of Disk-Kill software. Call ext 4357 and select option 2]
  • ensuring someone is available to unlock the room, or arrange with security to unlock the room.


The e-Waste policy is available on the Informatics (IT Services) website.
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Where does your
e-Waste go?

Macquarie University uses Sims Recycling Solutions, to recycle our e-Waste. Electronic equipment can contain heavy metals including lead and other hazardous materials which leach out, contaminating soil and water if they are disposed of in landfill. Sims process waste electrical products dismantled into commodity groups. Hazardous substances such as lead and cadmium are safely recovered and disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible. Commodities are assessed for materials specification and segregated accordingly. Products are then sent for specialised processing for final reclamation.