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Crime Prevention - Security Services

Report all Emergencies to Security on (02) 9850 9999

Security Services can provide security and safety talks to staff and students.  Security talks will assist you in tuning yourself to the Macquarie University Community.  The Security talk will provide information on how to stay safe whilst on and off campus, information on how to get help during an emergency and support programs in place for victims of crime.

Contact Phone  (02) 9850 7112 or ext 7112

Contact Fax  (02) 9850 7163

Reporting Crime

Report all Emergencies to Security on (02) 9850 9999

  • Report anybody loitering around the University
  • Always lock away your handbag or wallet
  • Don't leave valuables or attractive items of University Equipment where the property maybe easily stolen.
  • If you see something apparently being stolen - Report it!
  • Motor vehicles unlocked in Carparks? - Report it!
  • Should that door be open? - Report it!
  • Whose bag is that? If you saw it, so could a Thief! Tell the owner!
  • Report any suspicious behaviour.

Important Information

Bicycle Theft

Bicycles have been a popular item for thieves. Please lock your bicycle in the approved racks or cages provided on Campus. Do not leave your bicycle attached to railings at building entrances or chained to fire stairs. Bicycles will be removed by Security Services from these locations because unauthorised placing of your bicycle constitutes an Occupational, Health and Safety issue.

  • Always lock your bike to bike racks provided.
  • Use a Cable Lock, D Bolt or U shaped lock to secure your bike. Use a lock that is resistant to being cut by bolt cutters. It is preferable if part of the frame is locked to the rack (if you have a cable lock, possibly the wheels as well).
  • Record your frame number and/or engrave your drivers licence or use other identifying marks.
  • Don't leave accessories with the bike.
  • Keep a record of sales docket and photograph.
  • Keep a list of identifying numbers and marks.

With your assistance let us reduce the number of bicycle thefts on Campus.

How to avoid bag snatchers

Bag Snatchers are hit and run thieves who use surprise to their advantage. The best defence against them is to be alert to your surroundings. If your bag is snatched, it is often better to let go of it to avoid injury.

To reduce the risk of having your bag snatched, Macquarie University Security Services offer the following tips:

  • Carry your bag close to your body, don't dangle it by your side or let it swing from your shoulder.
  • Donít wrap the bags strap around your wrist.
  • Always keep the bag zipped up.
  • Keep cash and valuables you carry to a minimum.
  • Do not mark keys with your address.
  • When walking, stay away from the curb. Many bag snatchers will lean out of a moving vehicle to grab at bag straps.
  • If you are assaulted donít resist, let go of the bag or you could be seriously injured.
  • Be alert! When using automatic teller machines on campus be aware of people around you. Put your money away as quickly as possible.
  • Donít put your bag on top of your desk or under your desk. Put it away in a locked cabinet or cupboard.

What to do?

If your bag is snatched on campus, try to remain calm and get an accurate description of the offender for Macquarie University Security Services and the NSW Police. Try to remember what you had in the bag as well.

Personal Safety

  • Keep to well lit areas during the hours of darkness - these are the major walkways within the University.
  • Try to walk in groups or pairs, arrange to walk home with friends.
  • Never take short cuts at night through Parks or vacant Lots.
  • Report any lights which are not functioning to Macquarie University Security.
  • Use the "free" Security Shuttle Bus Service operates on weeknights between 6pm and 11pm during semester weeks. View the Shuttle Bus Route & Timetable [PDF 79 Kb].
  • Use the Security Escort service. Escorts are available everyday of the year.
  • Don't leave personal property/valuables in unlocked areas/venues remember "Thieves are Watching - Watch your Property"

Vehicle Safety


Always be aware of your surroundings. Park in a well lit, busy area. Make sure your surroundings are safe prior to getting out of your car.

What should I do?

  • Do not leave valuables in your car.
  • Always lock your car when leaving it.
  • Activate your vehicle alarm or immobilizer system.
  • Walk confidently to or from your car with your keys held ready to open the door or to be used to defend yourself.
  • Check the back seat or hatch for intruders before entering the vehicle.
  • Once inside, lock all doors and if possible leave windows up until you have reached your destination.
  • If a passing motorist indicates that you should stop, unless you have a mechanical problem keep driving to a service station or the nearest NSW Police Station. If you do stop, stay in the car with your doors locked and the window only partly open to speak to the person, do not turn off your engine. Drive away if you feel threatened.

If we as the MU Community can prevent a person committing a crime, there is a good chance we will prevent them carrying out many more crimes. We need you to provide us with any information you have on crime so that we can pass this on to the NSW Police.


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