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Sustainably Managing Macquarie’s Biodiversity

For an urban area, Macquarie University contains many important biodiversity values. Over half of the 126 hectare campus is currently occupied by some form of open space, including some essentially natural areas of bush. Here at Property we have a number of on-ground projects underway to sustainably manage Macquarie's biodiversity, including:

WeedsWeed Control

Bushland is better able to support a natural range of species when it is free from competition from weeds. Using the principles of Bush Regeneration, we aim to trigger recovery of native species in weed-affected bushland areas.

Restoring habitats

Some sites on campus have a good canopy of native habitat trees but a very modified ground and shrub layer with no seed remaining in the local soil to allow for natural recovery. Sensitive planting, using species raised from nearby local seed sources, will gradually restore the habitat values of many of these patches.

Linking habitats

Planning now underway for campus biodiversity envisages a network of re-vegetated habitat corridors. These would connect dispersed bush patches and overcome isolation impacts. Including creek lines and other links, a corridor network of over 2,500 metres could ultimately be established using native re-vegetation and enhancement of existing patches.

Stream Health

Stream healthAlong with the native vegetation re-establishment described above, the other important management improvement for stream health is to build a sustainable approach to stormwater. This requires measures to reduce the intensity of runoff from paved surfaces and roofs into the creeks. ‘Bio-retention’ – the use of wetland basins, rain infiltration gardens and other temporary storage measures - will be a key tool in achieving these outcomes for the campus creeks in the future.














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Advocating Biodiversity
Sustainably Managing Macquarie’s Biodiversity

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Like to get involved?

  • Become part of our Bushcare Group as we aim to re-establish the riparian zone along the creek and reduce mowing.
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